Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work, work, work!

This week has been insane... from planning a wedding, to saying goodbye to loved ones (only temporarily), to moving & unpacking, to starting up school (YAY! LAST YEAR!). It feels like there hasn't been any chance to catch a breath these past couple weeks but now we're relaxing and just finished up a shopping trip at WalMart (because we're classy).

For those of you who would like an EXACT date of when our wedding will take place... get those calendars out and mark off
MAY 11TH 2013 
and "save our date". We are incredibly excited to keep this wedding planning going and believe it or not, we have accomplished SO MUCH... here's a list so we can see all the progress we've made.

X Found an AMAZING venue (Thanks Kathy & Charlie) 
X Figured out our colors/theme 
X Booked the Port-O-Johns :)
X Booked the chair/table rental 
X Made parts of our amazing centerpieces
X Made our backdrop
X Decided on the food..... 
X Set up a wedding registry for one of the two places
X ...other things that cannot come to mind. :P 

Here are some pictures of the things mentioned above. Enjoy!! :) 

Where we will be saying our "I do's" 

Really want this chair for the wedding... 

Had to say goodbye to this precious little girl for the next 8 months... :( 

...And an early Happy Birthday :)


  1. your are a go getter when it comes to getting things done fast,and you did acomplish a whole lot,love nanny

  2. Hello! I saw your post on about needing a vintage decor/furniture vendor. I am located in Visalia, and own Central Valley Vintage rentals. I specialize in china, glassware, and accessories, but have access to a lot of larger furniture if needed. Feel free to check out my website at and see what you think! You can send me a private message through the website and I can send you more pictures of some larger pieces available. Congratulations on your vintage wedding! I (of course) LOVE the theme and all the pictures you've posted so far! Happy planning :o)
    Lauren Farris

  3. congrats! You are wayyy ahead of the game :) I havent even done most of that stuff and we are getting married in 3 months. LOL

    1. Thanks so much! We definitely had to get a lot done before we moved since it's a lot harder to do all the big stuff 300 miles away.

      Ah, I hope I'm not a wreak when the wedding is 3 months away. Haha. You'll have to let me know how everything goes.