Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finally getting started

After much delay and thought going in to exactly what we want to have for everybody to feast their eyes on at the wedding, we finally got down and dirty and put our hands to work!

We started off our crafting binge last night with the process of cutting down some fabric to the proper size. It seemed like such a simple process for what we were planning to make (and it was really), but man, using a pair of scissors for any extended period of time starts to take it's toll on your hands! After much hand crampage (for lack of a better term), we finally had the finished product on our hands; some amazing mason jar votives (there will eventually be candles in these)!

I'd say these turned out great!

Tonight we hesitantly got started with DIY project #2, while still feeling the effects of those scissors from the night before. This was another very simple decoration, just somewhat time consuming getting all of the fabric ripped down to the strips that we needed. After lots of sweating while sitting out in the front yard getting everything cut down to size, we were both happy to get back in under the air conditioning to start putting everything together finally.

The backdrop

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  1. New follower from Weddingbee, and there's so many things I'm excited for on this blog entry (and your blog in general):

    1. Your wedding date is a week after mine (and on my birthday)!
    2. Love your votives and your backdrop: I'm planing on using a lot of ribbon in my wedding and making a similar backdrop for our buffet tables.